Key IoT and the KeySIM

FAELIX has partnered with Key IoT to bring to market their KeySIM product, a multi-carrier 3G and 4G access product offering:

  • mobile Internet access using any UK mobile network for enhanced coverage deep into rural areas
  • fixed broadband services for consumers and businesses
  • private and bespoke mobile connectivity for enterprises requiring high security solutions
  • wholesale MNO interconnection for ISPs looking for a rapid-deployment and/or connectivity backup solution for customer access

Key IoT announced their choice of preferred technology provider in August 2019, showing confidence in FAELIX’s ability to deliver a secure and dependable service.

We are happy to make this announcement now our formalities are complete. Key IoT can focus on solution development and customer service, secure in the knowledge that our customers' traffic is in extremely safe hands.Graham Robinson, Managing Director of Key IoT

Key IoT’s strategic business plan relies on our expertise to help integrate numerous services leveraging the underlying mobile network access.

M2M and IoT Telemetry

We show in a couple of ‘Deep Dive’ tech blog posts how our customers can consume M2M and IoT telemetry data using our MQTT brokers: