Ethical Charter

For People

Whether you’re a corporation, a small business, or a charity, we have customers just like you, and we would love to work with you. We are very happy working with customers across a wide range of sectors. But we would like to give an especially warm welcome to anybody whose shares the goals of equality, fairness, personal safety, and fundamental human rights.

We acknowledge that freedom of speech is a right, and we help projects and offer services to those whose voice needs to be heard. However, all rights come with responsibilities; and we stand against prejudice and hatred.

Charities we support include Shelter. Like us, they believe that everybody should have a safe place to live.

For the Planet

Environmental matters are close to our heart at Faelix, and we are in a resource-intensive industry. To minimise our impact:

  • Our hosting infrastructure uses 100% green electricity.
  • We choose technologies to help us get the most efficiency from our energy usage.
  • We reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as we can.

Many large cloud hosting providers have made pledges to become carbon neutral within the next few years. We are ahead of all of them: since 2016 our entire network and both our server farms are powered entirely by wind, water, or other renewable energy.

We donate our support and services to Manchester Friends of the Earth who campaign and educate about local environmental issues.

Faelix gives discounts to environmental/ethical/non-profit projects covered by the above criteria: up to 33% on consultancy and up to 50% on hosting.

Engagement and support

We’re keen supporters of collaboration within our industry, engaging with our peers and colleagues to share ideas and knowledge. By participating in several “people networks” and communities and by operating a number of services which benefit colleagues in the industry, we’re able to provide better support to clients and customers.