Residential Broadband

We are able to offer DSL or FTTx services to residential properties for consumer Internet access.

Residential Broadband

ZEN SOGEA 0.5/0.5£114.00£6.00£31.20
ZEN SOGEA 40/10£114.00£6.00£37.20
ZEN SOGEA 55/10£114.00£6.00£40.80
ZEN SOGEA 80/20£114.00£6.00£41.40
ZEN FTTP 0.5/0.5£90.00£7.20£31.20
ZEN FTTP 40/10£90.00£7.20£46.80
ZEN FTTP 55/10£90.00£7.20£45.00
ZEN FTTP 80/20£90.00£7.20£46.20
ZEN FTTP 115/20£90.00£7.20£47.40
ZEN FTTP 160/30£90.00£7.20£49.80
ZEN FTTP 220/30£90.00£7.20£54.00
ZEN FTTP 330/50£90.00£7.20£60.60
ZEN FTTP 550/75£90.00£7.20£75.00
ZEN FTTP 1000/115£90.00£7.20£93.00
BTW FTTP 40/10 Market A£30.00£0.00£48.60
BTW FTTP 40/10 Market B£30.00£0.00£48.60
BTW FTTP 80/20 Market A£30.00£0.00£49.80
BTW FTTP 80/20 Market B£30.00£0.00£49.80
BTW FTTP 160/30 Market B£30.00£0.00£54.00
BTW FTTP 220/20 Market B£30.00£0.00£57.00
BTW FTTP 330/30 Market B£30.00£0.00£61.80
BTW FTTP 550/75 Market B£30.00£0.00£76.80
BTW FTTP 500/165 Market B£636.00£0.00£201.60
BTW FTTP 1000/115 Market B£30.00£0.00£93.00
BTW FTTP 1000/220 Market B£636.00£0.00£282.00
ZEN ADSL2+ 24/1£159.60£39.60£32.40
ZEN FTTC 40/2£109.20£31.20£42.60
ZEN FTTC 40/10£109.20£31.20£42.60
ZEN FTTC 55/10£109.20£31.20£45.60
ZEN FTTC 80/20£109.20£31.20£46.80
ZEN Gfast 160/30£318.00£31.20£67.80
ZEN Gfast 330/50£318.00£31.20£79.20
BTW ADSL Market B£78.00£56.40£48.60
BTW ADSL Market A£78.00£56.40£52.20
BTW ADSL2+ Market B£78.00£56.40£48.60
BTW ADSL2+ Market A£78.00£56.40£52.20
BTW FTTC 40/10 Market B£94.80£73.20£49.80
BTW FTTC 40/10 Market A£94.80£73.20£83.40
BTW FTTC 80/20 Market B£94.80£73.20£54.00
BTW FTTC 80/20 Market A£94.80£73.20£87.60
BTW Gfast 160/30 Market B£146.40£124.80£76.20
BTW Gfast 330/50 Market B£146.40£124.80£96.60
TTB ADSL Standard£30.00£8.40£32.40
TTB ADSL Premium£30.00£8.40£43.80
TTB ADSL2+ Standard£30.00£8.40£32.40
TTB ADSL2+ Premium£30.00£8.40£43.80
TTB FTTC 40/10£30.00£8.40£43.80
TTB FTTC 80/20£30.00£8.40£48.00
TTB Gfast 160/30£146.40£8.40£65.40
TTB Gfast 330/50£146.40£8.40£81.60


  • Market A — exchanges where the Openreach network has no competition, or competition from only one other primary network operator. These tend to be rural areas in desperate need of good broadband.
  • Market B — exchanges where there is competition to the Openreach network.
  • BTW — BT Wholesale carrier network.
  • TTB — TalkTalk Business carrier network.
  • Annex M — slightly faster upload in exchange for slightly slower download.
  • ADSL, FTTC and Gfast pricing exclude wholesale line rental.
  • ADSL, ADSL2+ and AnnexM services require an ADSL modem (not included).
  • SOGEA is a VDSL service without the need for a telephone service (sometimes called “naked” FTTC).
  • SOGEA and FTTC services require a VDSL modem (not included).
  • Gfast services include a modem suitable for PPPoE (“bridge mode”).
  • FTTP services include provision of an ONT where required, or delivery on a free port of an existing ONT.
  • Residential services (except FTTP) include a telephone line, but prices shown exclude call charges.
  • All residential services are for a minimum term of 12 months.
  • Prices exclude the cost of a router or wireless access point.
  • Prices include VAT at the prevailing rate.

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