Data-Centre Backhaul

We offer data-centre backhaul using dedicated leased-line circuits, commodity FTTX, or wavelength services to provide low latency connectivity.

Are you building an access network, but you’re not yet ready to join RIPE NCC and set up your own LIR? We can provide your alt-net with the backhaul to connect your customers to the Internet, via a range of technologies to suit your budget.

Here are some of the connections we can supply. Do contact us for a chat about your project and its requirements.

XDSL/FTTP Backhaul

Fibre to the premises is not yet available to the whole of the UK, but where FTTP service is offered it can be a compelling product for backhaul to the edge of an alt-net. We are able to provide dedicated internet access over commodity circuits. Note that pricing has two components: the cost of the tail (below) plus the cost of the IP transit. We do not levy a surcharge to bring your own IP addresses and are happy to either announce your IPv4 and IPv6, or propagate your prefixes via BGP.

Via mix of Zen and BT Wholesale
ZEN SOGEA 0.5/0.5£95.00£30.00£20.50
ZEN SOGEA 40/10£95.00£30.00£24.50
ZEN SOGEA 55/10£95.00£30.00£27.00
ZEN SOGEA 80/20£95.00£30.00£27.00
ZEN Gfast 160/30£205.00£31.00£32.50
ZEN Gfast 330/50£205.00£31.00£37.00
ZEN FTTP 0.5/0.5£75.00£31.00£20.50
ZEN FTTP 40/10£75.00£31.00£31.00
ZEN FTTP 55/10£75.00£31.00£30.00
ZEN FTTP 80/20£75.00£31.00£30.00
ZEN FTTP 115/20£75.00£31.00£30.50
ZEN FTTP 160/30£75.00£31.00£31.00
ZEN FTTP 220/30£75.00£31.00£32.50
ZEN FTTP 330/50£75.00£31.00£35.00
ZEN FTTP 550/75£75.00£31.00£40.50
ZEN FTTP 1000/115£75.00£31.00£44.00
Via TalkTalkBusiness
TTB FTTC 40/10£25.00£25.00£21.50
TTB FTTC 80/20£25.00£25.00£23.50
TTB Gfast 160/30£122.00£25.00£33.50
TTB Gfast 330/50£122.00£25.00£41.50
Via BT Wholesale
BTW Gfast 160/30 Market B£122.00£122.00£39.00
BTW Gfast 330/50 Market B£122.00£122.00£49.50
BTW FTTP 40/10 Market A£25.00£25.00£32.50
BTW FTTP 40/10 Market B£25.00£25.00£32.50
BTW FTTP 80/20 Market A£25.00£25.00£32.50
BTW FTTP 80/20 Market B£25.00£25.00£32.50
BTW FTTP 160/30 Market B£25.00£25.00£33.50
BTW FTTP 220/20 Market B£25.00£25.00£35.00
BTW FTTP 330/30 Market B£25.00£25.00£36.00
BTW FTTP 550/75 Market B£25.00£25.00£41.50
BTW FTTP 500/165 Market B£530.00£25.00£126.00
BTW FTTP 1000/115 Market B£25.00£25.00£44.00
BTW FTTP 1000/220 Market B£530.00£25.00£171.00
  • SOGEA is a VDSL service without wholesale line rental (sometimes called “naked” FTTC).
  • FTTC and Gfast pricing exclude wholesale line rental.
  • SOGEA and FTTC services require a VDSL modem (not included).
  • Gfast services include a modem suitable for PPPoE (“bridge mode”).
  • FTTP services include provision of an ONT where required, or delivery on a free port of an existing ONT.

Leased Lines

Our leased line quote generator calculates both the tail and some transit. Choose the “Flexible Gigabit Fibre” option for a 1G service including 100M of CDR for IP transit. Then add any additional IP transit costs. We do not levy a surcharge to bring your own IP addresses and are happy to either announce your IPv4 and IPv6, or propagate your prefixes via BGP.

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