Internet Exchange Points

Internet exchanges bring networks closer together, improve reliability and stability of serivce, while keeping the cost of Internet access competitive.

Where providers congregate, the edges of their networks all in close proximity, Internet exchanges flourish. These are physical locations where Internet access providers, cloud and hosting providers, CDNs (content delivery networks), and other ISPs all “meet” and can deliver traffic to each other.

A typical IX (Internet exchange) is a layer 2 network to which participants of the IX all connect. In Europe many IXs are not-for-profit organisations, operated by the members of the exchange, where each contributes to the financial running of the mutually-owned network. Others are commercially operated, often by owners of data-centres, such as the Equinix metro IX platform.

LINX Connexions

We are a LINX Connexions partner which means we can offer customers direct and indirect connectivity to LINX networks. Contact us to find out how peering at an Internet exchange can help your business improve connectivity, reduce latency, and keep traffic local.

We can help your network peer with carriers and content providers at any of the following locations:

  • LINX Manchester

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