Leased Lines

We'll find the best connection so you get the performance you need at the right time and price

Leased lines provide dedicated bandwidth to your office which means that you won’t be sharing with anyone else and will have a guaranteed maximum capacity (typically 100Mbit/sec, 1Gbit/sec or 10Gbit/sec). Unlike standard broadband technologies where capacity is shared between many customers, the speed of a leased line will not fall at peak times. The connection will also be symmetrical in that the upload speed will be the same as the download speed.

What can you do with Leased Lines?

A leased line can be used in several ways to:

  • connect to the Internet
  • link different offices together directly
  • use VoIP telephony
  • enable staff to connect to their computers from home
  • backup your data to an offsite location
  • connect to your servers located in a secure location such as a data-centre

We can help to:

  • find the best technology and carrier for your needs
  • calculate how much connectivity you need
  • provide a cost analysis of alternative solutions and measure cost versus performance
  • plan a future upgrade path

We guarantee that we won’t oversell and provide you with connectivity you don’t need and that we’ll provide the right amount of connectivity at the right time, at the right price. Get an instant no obligation quote.

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