Multi-Network SIMs

Our multi-network SIM 3G/4G access using all four UK networks, and many others across Europe and beyond.

FAELIX has partnered with Key IoT to provide businesses and consumers access to 2G/3G/4G connectivity with multi-network support in the UK, Europe, and beyond. In the UK our SIMs will connect to EE, O2, Three and Vodafone, finding the strongest signal in the SIM location.

Faelix-provided wholesale ISP SIMs

Advanced capabilities for network service providers: mobile traffic is routed to you via a private interconnect so that your network can provide onward Internet access to devices. This option is ideal for WISPs using 3G/4G as a backup path. Fixed-line operators can also provide benefit to onboard customers immediately, without waiting for fibre construction to the customer’s premises to complete.

Features available from Faelix for multi-network SIMs include:

  • multiple SIM formats
  • choose public or private static IP, or dynamic IP
  • private APN for secure VPN connection
  • lock individual SIM to a device using IMEI number
  • content filtering can be applied to individual SIMs or groups
  • system alerts when data limits are near
  • monitoring and usage dashboard
  • access to our control portal
  • business grade 4G connectivity (no throttling)
  • traffic routing via private interconnect
  • we’re multi-homed providing geo-redundancy

Filtered SIMs

Devices have access to only a certain set of sites/domains/addresses. When combined with our hosting capabilities this enables you to build private intranet solutions that can only be accessed from devices you control. M2M devices use the internet as an ISP network. Filtering mitigates risk and controls costs because the devices can’t connect to unpermitted web resources.

Private SIM Groups

Traffic from devices is brought in to your network, with no Internet access provided to devices by us. These are suited to enterprise, SCADA, or out-of-band management networks. Traffic from devices is aggregated and handed off to you via one of our other dedicated connectivity products (e.g. xDSL, leased line), or via an IPsec tunnel. You are in complete control, able to police mobile traffic using your cyber-security infrastructure to meet your organisational policies.

Wholesale Pricing

Note that wholesale SIM subscriptions do not include any Internet access. They are aggregated and handed off for an enterprise or Internet service provider to provide onward connectivity.

Minimum Order Quantity Per SIM per month Per GByte
10+ SIMs £3.00 £3.60
100+ SIMs £2.50 £3.20
1000+ SIMs £2.20 £2.80
All prices exclude VAT Data is total usage across all SIMs, billed monthly in arrears

Mobile Broadband

For standard Internet access KeySIM’s ordering page allows you to order directly online. Their mobile broadband packages include a pocket wifi router giving you Internet on-the-go with the enhanced coverage of all four UK networks: EE, O2, Vodafone and Three.

View our other connectivity services here.

IP address

Public or private static IP, or dynamic IP


Business grade 4G connectivity (no throttling)

Lock SIM

Lock SIMs to IMEI for added security

Content filtering

Filtering can be applied to individual SIMs or groups

System alerts

When data limits are near alerts via Pushover, SMS, and/or your favourite chat system.

Private APN

A private sub-net with IPsec tunnel, or private handover via dedicated connectivity (FTTP, leased line, or in-datacentre cross-connect)


Monitoring and usage dashboard for real-time SIM management


Traffic routing via private interconnect