fulcrm: Fully Managed CRM

For four years we’ve been working with a few organisations to build “our” CRM. fulcrm is a highly customisable customer relationship management system that Faelix offers “as a service”.

We have a few educational customers using fulcrm to manage their students: keeping on top of their work portfolios, recording important meetings, and keeping in touch. They use it with a mobile workforce to be more efficient in their record keeping.

We have a few third sector customers using fulcrm to manage their members: taking payments for subscriptions, advocacy and communication with the membership, and organising events. They’ve got fulcrm integrated into their websites to make all their “big data” flow together.

Our first commercial customers have gone live in early 2017, and are already reporting success stories for their sales pipelines.

And at Faelix we use fulcrm for all our customer contact: billing, sales generation, maintenance notifications. We’ve used its APIs to fit our CRM into our monitoring systems and server provisioning so that we have all the information we need at a glance.