DNS Hosting

We run our own worldwide network of Anycast DNS servers which means that DNS lookups will use the server nearest to the user providing a faster service.

Our DNS hosting costs only £1 per zone per month!

What is Anycast DNS

Anycast is a network addressing and routing method which allows the same IP address to be assigned to different servers in multiple regions.

This provides a number of benefits:

  • DNS response times are shorter so access to web pages is faster
  • a more reliable service with better uptime because of the distributed nature of Anycast DNS; a problem with one anycast resource will not affect the others
  • more resistance to DDoS attacks

Worldwide Anycast DNS Service

One of the most heavily used Internet services is DNS. Every web page load, every asset fetch, every email — they all begin with a DNS lookup. The quicker your DNS servers can respond, the sooner a user’s request can start. For this reason we run a network of DNS servers around the world routed using Anycast. This technique helps to make sure queries are sent to the DNS server closest to the user. Even though data moves at the speed of light, sending DNS queries shorter distances means shorter response times. You can see the live latency map made from measurements by RIPE Atlas.

We’ve deliberately built this service for the 21st century: IPv6 support is the priority. We’re deploying the servers in different locations with different providers to spread traffic across different networks. And continuing the theme of diversity, we have automated deployment of these servers to use a variety of operating systems, DNS server software, and routing implementations. This should help isolate us from bugs or security issues in any one implementation.

We manage all of this complexity so that your DNS is distributed, resilient, and fast.

Our current software mix
DNS ServerRouting ProtocolOperating System
Knot DNSBirdFreeBSD

DNS Control Panel

We provide a simple, modern web-based user interface to manage your zones’ DNS records. We can create additional users for individual zones, should you need third party providers to be able to log in and update customers’ domains.

Our DNS control panel is available at https://my.nameserver.party/

Secondary DNS

Already have a control panel you use? No problem, your existing server just needs to notify ours to distribute the zone out to our onward servers around the world. Register the zone with us as a secondary and make sure that rsvp.nameserver.party is notified of changes and can perform a domain AXFR.