We offer colocation services in Manchester and Geneva data-centres — contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Need to host your own equipment somewhere? We have Manchester colocation rack space in Reynolds House, Manchester. The facility ticks all the boxes: ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO9001, PCI-DSS.

You provide the server and we colocate it in our Manchester data-centre. We provide the rackspace and the power, cooling and access control. We also take care of connectivity and network services such as IP addresses, private VLANs, or other bespoke requirements.

Our infrastructure has diverse power feeds and multiple network interconnections and we’re accommodating enough to colocate anything from a Raspberry Pi right up to however many “U” of servers you need.

Want something offshore? We are able to offer limited amounts of colocation within our Geneva facility, with its industry-leading energy efficiency.

Cloud VPS Hosting and Other Options

We have more hosting options via dedicated and VPS servers, with a range of management possibilities. We are able to offer a blend of dedicated, colocated, and cloud hosting with private interconnectivity across all platforms and in multiple sites.