Photograph of a cloud.

Server virtualisation was just a twinkling in the industry's eye when we first started working in IT. Now it's bread and butter business with a buzzword-compliant name: "cloud" computing.

Whether you're a tree-hugging hippy or a fiscally-conservative manager, you will appreciate that maximising your energy efficiency makes good sense. Right from day one, we realised that Faelix can love both the environment and the bank balance at the same time… by falling in love with virtual servers. You're actually using one right now — for our own website.

While our operating system of choice is Debian, we've got happy customers running the operating system they choose: Windows, other Linux distributions, FreeBSD, MikroTik CHR… and we've got experience helping out with them all.

IPv4, IPv6, Anycast, BGP

Our network is multi-homed and fully dual-stacked. We're very happy to help you announce your own address space from a virtual server hosted with us. Get in touch with our contact form if you have a bespoke requirement like this.