Colocation Nightmare?

We are a friendly, vendor-agnostic hosting and network service provider, having a long history of supporting customers with our own engineers' operational experience. We work alongside our customers, helping them to develop their skills and build the network they need to grow their businesses.

You provide the servers, switches, and routers — we’ll help you with the space, power and cooling. We aren’t judgemental about which team you support or the colours your wear — we look after all sorts of vendors’ equipment for our managed or third-line supported customers.

Might your migration or expansion plan be challenging or tricky? We’ve got in-house skills to help you work through designing your future architecture and planning the path to get you there.

Want to virtualise some network functions? Rather than needing to build and manage your own VM platform, why not take advantage of our VPS servers which can be directly connected to your colocated network infrastructure? You’ll save on capital outlay for servers, don’t need to colocate and manage the hardware, but still have full control of IP addressing and routing as the NFV VMs connect to your equipment at layer-2. We are able to offer a blend of dedicated, colocated, and cloud hosting with private interconnectivity across all platforms and in multiple sites.

All our sites have A+B power feeds and multiple diverse network interconnections, so you’re in good hands. We’re accommodating enough to colocate anything from a Raspberry Pi right up to however many “U” of infrastructure you need. All our colocation facilities are powered by renewable energy, and they’ll tick the boxes on your audit report: ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO9001, PCI-DSS, fire suppression, UPS power with back-up generators, manned security. And our sites are carrier neutral, meaning you’ve got the pick of third-party carriers, wholesaler providers, and hyperscale clouds just a cross-connect away.

Colocation Pricing

Location Cost per month
(per U)
Power included
(per U)
Telehouse North, London £90 50W
£180 150W
Telehouse West, London £90 50W
Interxion, London £70 50W
£140 150W
All prices exclude VAT at 20% continuous draw

We have sites in other cities: we offer colocation in Manchester, Leeds, Geneva too.


To customers who colocate with us across multiple sites we offer diverse 1Gbit/sec connectivity for a one-off setup cost of just £300 per site. We also provide diverse metro wavelengths between our London sites which customers can light with 1Gbit/sec, 10Gbit/sec, or faster optics.

Cross Connects

We charge cross-connects on at cost. Prices vary, so get in touch with your requirements.


Our transit pricing is £0.30/Mbit/month for committed data rates (measured at 95th percentile in the predominant direction) in the 100M-1Gbit/sec range. If you expect to commit to more, please get in touch. Overages are charged at a 50% premium.

Internet Exchanges

We are a LINX ConneXions Partner so can help you join and connect to LINX LON1 and LON2 without additional expensive cross-connects. Your first 1Gbit/sec port on each peering LAN is included in the £100/month membership fee, and we can offer our customers additional peering capacity at very competitive rates (e.g. £50/month for each extra 1Gbit/sec on LON1).

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