Terms of Service

Our standard Terms of Service which form the basis of our service contracts.

We will take and follow directions from nominated people at your organisation, subject to the condition that we shall at all times comply with applicable law.

We will segregate work done for you from all work done at or for any other person. We shall guard any confidential information you provide us by adopting a need-to-know policy for disclosure.

The relationship between us is that of independent contractors, and any agreement should not be construed to imply employment, agency, or joint ventures unless explicitly stated.

We will use reasonable efforts to resolve any dispute arising with you, in line with our complaints process. If this reaches a deadlock then we are part of an alternative dispute resolution scheme.

We reserve the right to charge a fee for reissuing of invoices, and charge interest for late payments, under the terms of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. We reserve the right to cease services until arrears have been paid and cleared by the receiving bank.

Shared Hosting Plans

Resource Usage

Shared hosting plans are made for small projects. This additional “fair usage” policy is that they may not consume more than:

  1. an average of 25% of any one CPU core
  2. peaks of 384Mb of RAM
  3. 50 concurrent website connections
  4. 50 active processes
  5. 1MB/s disk I/O

Should these resources be exceeded your website may slow down or content may not be served until more resources are provided, which may be available for additional fees.