The README file

Every MOOSE-managed server comes with this welcome readme message, which is updated each time SaltStack updates the configuration deployment.

Every MOOSE-managed server contains a file in /root/README-from-faelix.txt which is created and updated each time SaltStack updates the configuration deployment. If you’ve deleted this file from the server, just contact support and they’ll re-run the salt states so is automatically created.

Keep It Safe!

Make sure you keep a copy of this file!

The file contains essential information to restore backups, and to access administrative services. Store it:

  • securely so that nobody else can get it
  • safely so that you definitely have a copy of it in case of emergency

For example, this file contains the only copy of your backup passphrase. Without this passphrase, backups cannot be restored. Faelix does not keep a copy of this passphrase!

Specification and IP Addresses

The first section of the file tells you a bit about the server. Here is the specification of our test server, against which we deploy additions and updates to the MOOSE salt states. It has a bit of RAM, some CPUs, and a bunch of IP addresses:

This virtual machine is running Debian GNU/Linux 8.7 (jessie) (x86_64) on:

  * 2 CPUs (AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 4280)

  * 2002Mb RAM

  * The following disks:
    + /dev/xvda (4294967296 bytes)
    + /dev/xvdb (34359738368 bytes)

  * The following network interfaces and addresses:
    + lo
      - Local IPv4 address:
      - Local IPv6 address: ::1
    + eth0 (aa:00:00:b4:8c:9a)
      - Private IPv4 address:
      - PUBLIC IPv4 address:
      - PUBLIC IPv6 address: 2a01:9e00:2ee3:c934:a800:ff:feb4:8c9a
      - Private IPv6 address: fe80::a800:ff:feb4:8c9a

If you are setting up web hosting, or otherwise need to configure A and AAAA records for DNS, this is the first place to look. Your server’s IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are listed here. In this server’s case, I would use:

  • as the “A” record for any domains served by this server
  • 2a01:9e00:2ee3:c934:a800:ff:feb4:8c9a as the “AAAA” record for any domains served by this server

Be sure to use the right values for your server when configuring DNS!

For customers who may have multiple servers within the same private network, there are private addresses listed here too. Your virtual servers can all communicate privately using these addresses.



  Borg Backup Passphrase: xxxxxXXXXxxxxxXXXXxxxxxXXXXxxxxx
  Borg Backup Destination:
  Borg Backup User: borg
  Borg Backup Path: /home/borg/
  Borg Backup Key: [snip]

The credentials are essential for you to be able to administer your server and to restore any files.