Network Design and Architecture

Our engineering team has been designing and building bespoke networks for over fifteen years.

Network design and architecture

Our engineering team has been designing and building bespoke networks for over fifteen years. We’ve undertaken many projects in a range of environments such as data centres, fibre and wireless ISPs, businesses and enterprises.

We design and architect to meet business requirements and to deliver a network which your team will have the skills and knowledge to manage (knowledge transfer to your staff is a key part of our process). And if you ever need to draw on our experience to learn more our third line support has got you covered.

Our process


First off we’ll work with you to understand your business aims and objectives and the role that your network plays in their delivery. We’ll look at which technologies you use, financial contraints and operational factors — in effect we’ll get under the skin of your network so that our design will meet your objectives. We’re creative problem solvers and we’ll ensure that the architecture meets your business requirements and fits your current and future operations.

Client fit

We’ll create a logical and physical design that will work within the contraints identified in the business requirements analysis. The design will be optimised around your key performance delivery metrics, and the physical design will take account of your existing technical environment as well as extending your capabilities through the use of appropriate additional technologies. We won’t “over-size” your project, but will deploy in a way that will allow capacity to easily increase.

Knowledge transfer

We always ensure that knowledge transfer to your team is prioritised and that you have the staffing resources to operate the network efficiently — a central goal being that operational efficiency and productivity is increased because staff spend less time maintaining.


We are experienced with a wide range of vendor and open source solutions, and have a good understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and where “sharp-edges” in their platform may impact performance, stability or maintainability. We can advise on the best equipment to meet your long term requirements, based on your current traffic levels and growth rates. We’re good out-of-the-box thinkers and can often find creative solutions for tricky problems.

Capacity and security

All of our network design and architecture solutions have capacity planning and security hardening ‘baked-in’, and we’ll work within your security and compliance policies and processes. And if you need help to tighten up governance management we’ve experience of providing consultancy for that too.

ISP Network Consultancy

ISP Network Consultancy

Whether you're a fledgling access provider or an established carrier, we have skills and experience to help you augment your network operations.

Local Internet Registry Help

Local Internet Registry Help

We've helped several organisations through the process of becoming a Local Internet Registry and being allocated their own IP addresses.

Monitoring and Management

Monitoring and Management

Reinforce your in-house operations team with our experienced third line support by networking ninjas.