Local Internet Registry Help

We've helped several organisations through the process of becoming a Local Internet Registry and being allocated their own IP addresses.

For some organisations having their own IP addresses is a crucial but overlooked part of their business plan. As time goes by business relationships change and infrastructure moves to different data-centers, and suddenly those addresses are a form of supplier lock-in. If your technology stack can use DNS then migration is relatively simple. But if you rely on any of the following then you might come unstuck:

  • scanning your network for security posture needs to be redirected
  • IPsec tunnels between your network and third parties need updating at both ends
  • third parties need to update firewall ACLs to give your new addresses access
  • your hard work to get email providers to approve your new sending addresses will need repeating

We’ve helped several organisations in this situations go through the process of becoming a “Local Internet Registry” — able to request their own IP address resources.

Want to find out more about the process? Drop us a line.

Existing LIRs

Need help with your existing LIR? Do you have an upcoming RIPE NCC audit, or do you need advice managing your resources? We’d be happy to help.