Monitoring and Management

Reinforce your in-house operations team with our experienced third line support by networking ninjas.

Whether it’s additional expert hands to work with you on a POP build, or remote consultancy to complement your own operations team, we can provide the skills and experience to support your business.

Projects we have delivered:

  • 24/7 on-call (“third line”) support for your technical teams
  • connectivity provider scoping and path diversity discrimination research
  • CPE provisioning automation
  • external and internal network monitoring and alerting
  • CWDM and DWDM optical budgeting and engineering
  • POP site installations
  • core network expansions
  • expert remote hands for high impact maintenance windows

Network operating systems we work with include:


We operate a swarm of monitoring vantage points embedded within our system.

Our DCIM (data-centre infrastructure management) tool of choice, NetBox does our IP address management, stores all our cabling documentation, and is the record of what is where. We combine it with our CRM to make for our single "source of truth" for VPS, colocation, applications, connectivity, billing, contract management, and services.
We automate everything using Salt: bare metal server deployments, fully-managed and part-managed VPSs, our swarm of network monitoring vantage points, and even our core routers' configurations.
For scraping configurations out of devices and storing them in a Git repository, Oxidized can't be beaten. Combined with our Mattermost integration, we know any time a device changes.
Did we say Mattermost? Our chatops server is deployed within our own network and runs this amazing team chat application. We think Mattermost is so powerful that we are happy to host it for you too.
We self-host everything, including our source code repositories. We love Gitea for its front-end and software issue tracking, almost as much as we love tea.
The cloud-ready monitoring system du jour, Prometheus isn't without its impedance mismatches. But if you understand its strengths and weaknesses it can become an immensely powerful tool to store and query time series data.
With Nagios' heritage, Icinga still has its place in modern network monitoring. We deliberately run a combination of platforms to ensure nothing is missed. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
We use Grafana, which integrates well with Prometheus and Icinga, to visualise our monitoring data via dashboards which we use for many of our clients (and we use ourselves of course).
A very easy way to get notifications delivered to your mobile, tablet, and desktop. All you need is a HTTPS POST — a quick `curl` command is all it takes — and your message is on its way.
RIPE Atlas
We host numerous RIPE NCC probes and anchors which we use to test connectivity from thousands of networks around the world.
MQTT is a lightweight message broker protocol that we use to monitor our multi-network SIMs and our wholesale broadband network. You can read more about it here
Node-RED is a browser-based programming tool for wiring together hardware devices and APIs and clients can use it with MQTT to monitor their multi-network SIM estates - it's quick and easy to implement, and we show how here