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Faelix Blog and News

We've been reading... #1

A post about what we've been reading over the last couple of weeks.

Takeaways from UKNOF44

Our highlights from the talks and topics discussed at the UK Network Operators' Forum.

The Story of CVE-2018-19299

A tale of scanning IPv6 Address Space… and the remote vulnerabilities it uncovered.

Good Internet Manners

About the MANRS initiative, and why Faelix has joined it.

Getting Oxidized to Talk to Mattermost

A technical how-to guide for delivering configuration diffs from Oxidized into Mattermost.

Trialling ARM Boards as Compute Nodes

As part of our drive to increase energy efficiency we are always looking at new technologies that can help us further this commitment. We have taken inspiration from some of the largest cloud providers and begun trialling ARM-based servers for some of our CRM services.

Email Tracking

Explaining our privacy-by-design approach to email tracking in fulcrm.

Using Teleport for Service Management

Using an advanced ssh server to adopt best-practice security measures, improve auditability, and empower both your customers and junior staff.

General Data Protection Regulation

As the implementation deadline draws closer we've been contacted by a number of customers about GDPR. Here's what we have been doing behind the scenes for the last year.

Installing a LeoNTP Stratum 1 GPS NTP Receiver

How do servers know what time it is?

Using MooseFS for Distributed Replicated Storage

How we deployed MooseFS for file storage in our CRM.

Crashing Safari Notification Agent

The story about discovering a remote denial of service vulnerability in Apple's OS X.

Pushing Packets at Infest

Volunteering to help bring Internet connectivity to a three day music festival.

When LAGs Go Bad: Network Aggravation

Link aggregation is a cost-effective way to increase bandwidth. But there can be pitfalls which are difficult to debug should problems strike.

Putting the Customer at the Centre of our Network

A talk at UKNOF about what Faelix is doing with CRM.

Does the Internet Change Everything?

A lecture at Westminster University about the effects of the Internet upon democracy.

Security Notice Regarding Faelix Registered Office

No client-confidential data or business-affecting items have been taken, following a burglary of the Faelix registered office (as no such items are kept there).

Change of Bank Account Details

A short notice that we are changing bank to Santander Corporate.

Things We Love

To the causes close to our hearts and in thanks for the trust our customers place in us: our love!

NetMcr #7 Presentation: MikroTik RouterOS

MikroTik routers: what are they all about?

Managing Servers at Scale

How does Faelix make cloud-style devops at scale compatible with tailor-made managed hosting?

Keeping Your Rack Cool with One "/ip route rule"

A presentation at the MikroTik MUM in London.

Fun Weekend Project: a CAPsMAN v2 Deployment

Upgrading a residential network and exploring rural wireless 4G options.

Expanding to Geneva

An introduction to our recent hosting expansion project: servers in the Swiss Alps!

Build in Geneva

Some technical information about our hosting infrastructure build in Geneva, and how we plan to use this expansion to help us focus on business continuity and resilience.

Music Festival Wi-Fi at Infest 2016

Working in partnership with a local ISP to bring free open wifi to a three day music festival.


Happy birthday… to us!


Faelix provides off-site backup storage to several businesses. Some have bought a NAS for their office and a NAS to store in our racks. Some have a NAS in their office and rent off-site storage from Faelix. This gives peace of mind should a disaster befall a client's files. In all cases, though, customers want to be able to access their data while out of their office. How can we help?

Network at Faelix

Triangles are solid and stable shapes, and for that reason they form the basis of our upgraded network. Our core network in Manchester Reynolds House looks a lot like a pentagram: no link is a single point of failure. Also, we are one of the few small ISPs to run more than one routing platform, which has isolated us from catastrophic implementation bugs if we had just one vendor involved.

Ganeti at Faelix

At Faelix, we love virtualisation technology. Ganeti is a virtualisation management system built by Google, and written in our favourite programming language, Python. This year we upgraded our hosting hardware, and when we did, we moved our virtual server hosting platform from our in-house script-based system to Ganeti. There were a few bumps and hiccups along the way, so this is how we did it.

Anatomy of a WordPress Hack

In which Faelix performs some forensics on a customer's infected WordPress website.

Line of Sight Wireless Circuits

What to do when you have no line of sight? We took a chance, and it actually worked out!

It's 2015 and there are more security holes than ever!

In April 2014, after having lain in the code since December 2011, the discovery of the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL was announced. Since then, it seems like barely a month has gone by without a major security hole in a major piece of infrastructure. Security seems to be getting worse rather than better. How come?

When a customer virtual machine suddenly hit a load of 62

Down the rabbit hole of a slow running server Faelix discovers a customer website is the target for cover traffic for a virus.