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Things We Love

When we incorporated our company in 2006, we wanted our business to reflect the goals and ethics of its founders. A decade on, Faelix still has those values. We’ve recently written up our charter which explains we care about people and the place we live: planet Earth. And as part of this, we’ve renewed our pledges of support to the organisations we love.

We’ve got warm fuzzy feelings about our CRM as a service, the project we are now “decloaking” and starting to talk about. Our first “commercial” business customer — with a product offering to increase personal safety for vulnerable workers — went live with fulcrm in late January. They’re already reporting successes with their sales pipeline.

We love people getting together and sharing knowledge and their experience. Of course it has been a privilege to be invited to talk at NetMcr twice; but more than that, it’s fantastic that communities like NetMcr, UKNOF, and others, exist to spread ideas and best practice. Compared to the last few months’ news cycle, this kind of collaboration to exchange brilliant ideas is refreshing. We’re so grateful to work in a field where peers at competitor businesses can engage with each other in such a constructive way.

But our biggest thanks surely has to go to our customers. They have such passion for the work they do that it is inspiring — and we are continually inspired. We are flattered by you (our customer retention ratio makes us very proud), and flattered by the things you say. Something like three quarters of our customer growth has been through word of mouth thanks to your recommendations, and for this we want to say a massive thank you. We also feel that actions speak louder, so we’re announcing a paid referral scheme that shows our appreciation in more than just words.