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Pushing Packets at Infest

Close-up photograph of links in a chain.
Depending on configuration, a connection might be only as strong as the weakest link.

I wanted to try to cover the breadth of hardware that MikroTik makes, along with some of the common use-cases and configuration examples for RouterOS. I wanted to make it clear that RouterOS has — just like any vendor — sharp edges in their implementations that can catch a network engineer by surprise. With experience and a bit of research, though, it’s quite an interesting ecosystem with a rather compelling set of economics for small providers. It’s no wonder they are so popular in countries like Brazil, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Indonesia, and beyond.

…because dark fibre is more gothic!

Read more in the PDF presentation, or the write-up on NetMcr’s website — which left me blushing with pride. Thanks again to the NetMcr team, and keep up the great work building this community in the North!