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Faelix is a Zen Internet Wholesale Partner

We’ve been providing reliable virtual and dedicated hosting, fast connectivity and the build of enterprise and carrier networks for 18 years, supporting businesses across the UK. Recently we’ve been expanding our connectivity offer to include ADSL, FTTC, Gfast and FTTP.

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve recently become a Zen Internet wholesale partner. We’re offering xDSL or FTTx backhaul services to ISPs and alt-nets, and managed connectivity services to specialist businesses like property developers (for example connecting a number of flats in a multi-tenanted building).

After completing a thorough and rapid on-boarding process in February we’ve signed up an alt-net provider and we’re already delivering live white label ISP services to customers in a couple of developments of flats, and have several more building coming on stream in the next few months.

"Right from the start of our onboarding we could tell that we were in good hands. The wholesale account team dedicated resources at Zen to take us through the process, and the network operations team accommodated our technical requirements with ease. Wholesale broadband services bring additional flexibility and agility to our connectivity services portfolio."

<footer class="blockquote-footer"><cite>Marek Isalski, Faelix CTO</cite></footer>

With a positive, forward-thinking approach to connectivity, technology and service Faelix has found a like-minded partner in Zen and we look forward to building on our relationship to expand our white label ISP and datacentre backhaul offerings.

By providing wraparound support including billing support, out of hours cover, installation services, and even end customer technical support where required, Faelix aim to make the process straightforward for our customers. And we’ve found that the excellent support from Zen has made our job that much easier.

"We're excited to welcome Faelix to our Partner Programme and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. Our businesses share a very similar ethos and approach to customer service, and we can’t wait to start building a successful partnership together."

<footer class="blockquote-footer"><cite>David Howson, Regional Sales Manager, Zen</cite></footer>