Tag: MikroTik and RouterOS

Tag: MikroTik and RouterOS

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Our Peering and Transit Network Upgrade

Over the last month we have been working hard to upgrade and improve our network. We have performed some maintenance, some upgrades, and overhauled our peering and transit "edge" to improve routing convergence, BGP security, and be ready to grow our capacity.

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Fun Weekend Project: a CAPsMAN v2 Deployment

Upgrading a residential network and exploring rural wireless 4G options.

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Build in Geneva

Some technical information about our hosting infrastructure build in Geneva, and how we plan to use this expansion to help us focus on business continuity and resilience.

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Network at Faelix

Triangles are solid and stable shapes, and for that reason they form the basis of our upgraded network. Our core network in Manchester Reynolds House looks a lot like a pentagram: no link is a single point of failure. Also, we are one of the few small ISPs to run more than one routing platform, which has isolated us from catastrophic implementation bugs if we had just one vendor involved.