Free Datacentre Wifi

We operate free open wifi in all our data-centres to make it easier for our team and colleages in the industry to get online.

Wi-fi on “AS41495 Faelix Limited”

We were surprised at how many wireless networks are present in datacentres that fail to offer a reliable or even working service. For both our convenience and that of colleagues within the industry we operate the open “AS41495 Faelix Limited” SSID in the following datacentres:

  • Equinix MA1 (Williams House)
  • Equinix MA1 (Kilburn House)
  • Equinix MA5 (Unit 2 Agecroft Commerce Park)
  • Infomaniak DIII (Satigny)
  • Telehouse North (TFM23)
  • Telehouse West (TFM120)
  • Interxion LON2 (Hanbury Street)

The network provides unfiltered Internet access, with both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. Devices will be assigned a public IPv4 address by DHCP, and may auto-configure an IPv6 address from our router advertisements.