Our Network (AS41495)

We run a dual-stacked multi-homed network. We have multiple connections to upstream providers and peers, supporting IPv6 as standard.

About AS41495

Our network is multihomed — we have multiple separate connections to upstream providers and peers. We are fully dual-stacked, supporting IPv6 as standard as well as legacy IPv4. We deliberately deaggregate our prefixes both to reduce the risk of BGP hijacks, and in the event that we need to perform traffic engineering.


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We are present on the following exchanges:

  • LINX IXManchester
  • IXLeeds (coming soon)

We are able to peer privately in:

  • Equinix MA1 (Williams House)
  • Equinix MA2 (Reynolds House)
  • AQL DC2 (Salem Church)
  • M247 DC1 (Ball Green)
  • Infomaniak DIII (Satigny)