Our Network (AS41495)

We run a dual-stacked multi-homed network. We have multiple connections to upstream providers and peers, supporting IPv6 as standard.

About AS41495

Our network is multihomed — we have multiple separate connections to upstream providers and peers. We are fully dual-stacked, supporting IPv6 as standard as well as legacy IPv4. We announce AS-FAELIX which contains AS41495 and all our customers’ networks.


We maintain an accurate record for AS41495 at PeeringDB listing our NOC and peering contacts.


We are present on the following exchanges:

  • LINX Manchester
  • EquinixIX Manchester
  • IXLeeds (coming soon)

We are able to peer privately in:

  • Equinix MA1 (Williams House)
  • Equinix MA2 (Reynolds House)
  • AQL DC2 (Salem Church)
  • M247 DC1 (Ball Green)
  • Infomaniak DIII (Satigny)
  • Telehouse North (TFM23)
  • Telehouse West (TFM120)
  • Telehouse East (TFM50)
  • Interxion LON2 (Hanbury Street)

BGP Communities

Our aut-num object in the RIPE database details some of our commonly-used BGP communities.

Communities Added by AS41495

  • 41495:41495 — originated by Faelix
  • 41495:64700 — learned from an upstream
  • 41495:64701 — learned from a peer
  • 41495:64702 — learned from a customer

We also tag routes learned in or originating from our main points of presence:

  • 41495:65504 — learned in or originating from Telehouse West
  • 41495:65505 — learned in or originating from AQL DC2
  • 41495:65507 — learned in or originating from Infomaniak DIII
  • 41495:65513 — learned in or originating from Equinix MA2
  • 41495:65514 — learned in or originating from Telehouse North
  • 41495:65523 — learned in or originating from Equinix MA1
  • 41495:65524 — learned in or originating from Interxion LON2

Attack Mitigation

  • 41495:666 — remotely-triggered blackhole (/32 or /128 announced to our route-servers)
  • 41495:64666 — route to DDoS scrubbing (/24 announced to our transit routers)

These coarse-grained communities may also be helpful:

  • 41495:64600 — do not announce to upstreams
  • 41495:64601 — do not announce to peers
  • 41495:64602 — do not announce to customers

Traffic Engineering and Route Propagation

Customers who take transit connectivity from AS41495 are able to tag their routes to adjust how we propagate them to our peers and upstreams. These communities are of the form 65XXY:ZZZZZ where:

XXIn Location YDo Action ZZZZZTo Upstream
00everywhere 0do not announce 174Cogent
1prepend once 3223Voxility
XXIn POP 2prepend twice 3257GTT
04Telehouse West 3prepend thrice 4455BSO/IXReach
05AQL DC2 9tag no-export 6762TI Sparkle
13Equinix MA2 9002RETN
14Telehouse North 35425Bytemark/iomart
23Equinix MA1 29222Infomaniak
24Interxion LON2
ZZZZZTo Exchange
XXIn City 5459LINX (any)
40Manchester 54590LINX Manchester
41Leeds 54591LINX LON1
42Geneva 54592LINX LON2
43London 8550LONAP
44Stockholm 24115EquinixIX Manchester
45Lyon 51526IXLeeds
XXIn Region ZZZZZTo Peer
50UK 6939Hurricane Electric
51Mainland Europe
52Scandinavia ZZZZZTo Wildcard
0Any Network


  • 65000:4455do not announce to BSO/IXReach
  • 65230:3257do not announce to GTT in Williams House
  • 65009:6939announce as no-export to Hurricane Electric
  • 65003:545903x prepend on LINX Manchester
  • 65052:354252x prepend to Bytemark/iomart in Leeds
  • 65421:01x prepend to every network in Geneva
  • 65510:0do not announce to any network in mainland Europe