Domain Name Servers

We run our own worldwide network of Anycast DNS servers. Prices start at £1 per zone per month for DNS hosting using our Anycast service.

Authoritative Nameservers

This section is for customers hosting domains with us:

DNS Control Panel
Anycast Server (read more)
Nameservers (Reynolds, UK) (Reynolds, UK) (Reynolds, UK) (Williams, UK) (Geneva, CH) (Geneva, CH)
AXFR Server (read more)
Further Info

Resolving Nameservers

If you have a server hosted by us then you are welcome to use these as your resolvers:


We also operate resolvers with cryptographically protected transport technologies. Our DNS-over-HTTPS service is open to all, and will ensure that your DNS traffic is encrypted between your device and our resolvers.

Above addresses on port 853
DNScrypt 2.faelix
2a01:9e00::54 and 2a01:9e00::54 on port 8443
and and also on port 8443
DNS-over-HTTPS on port 443

Privacy DNS

Having a trustworthy and uncompromised browser is a security concern for anybody who uses web-based control panels and administration tools. The best solution would be to have a different browser (or profile/container) for day-to-day browsing versus important tasks such as banking, billing, or service management. As an added layer of protection for this use-case we also provide a privacy DNS service. Based on Pi-Hole, by blocking advertising providers this should help reduce the attack surface of visiting websites and reduce the risk of your browser being infected during your surfing by a compromised advert carrying a drive-by exploit payload.

DNS-over-HTTPS on port 443