We offer hosting and connectivity: the proof is that you’re looking at this website, running on infrastructure we set up to provide exactly the same services we can offer to you.

We build ISP networks: need consultants for connectivity? an architect for your network? help with RIPE NCC? Faelix has done it all before, numerous times, for several clients.

We integrate systems: whether it’s ordering systems to payment platforms, websites to CRMs, we can help your data get from A to B.

We develop software: these days everything is code, and we revel in it. We’ve written so much code that we’ve actually worn keyboards out. Oh if you must ask, we’d rather do it in Python, but have plenty of commercial experience of PHP, C, C++, JavaScript, and frameworks like Django, Backbone, Marionette, Drupal, WordPress, Plone…

We eat our own dog food: if it’s not good enough for us, it’s certainly not good enough for us to recommend to you.